7th August Quiz

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1) Born 1876, the Dutch spy who passed secrets to the Germans during the first World War, who?

2) Born 1924, the former BBC newsreader who went onto host Channel 4?s Treasure Hunt?

3) Born 1952, the alternative comedian known for his performances in the Young Ones and Whoops Apocalypse?

4) Born 1961, Walter Swinburn, on which horse did he win the 1981 Derby?

5) Died 1957, Which half of the famous duo Laurel and Hardy?

6) On this day 1556, What appeared over the city of Basle in Switzerland and was captured as an illustration on a woodcut?

7) On this day 1711, What did the Ascot race meeting change its name to after the attendance of Queen Anne at the races?

8) On this day 1840, what was banned from the use in Chimneys?

9) On this day 1926 the first British Grand Prix was run at which course?

10) On this day 1990, at exactly 12.34 and 56 seconds what occurred?  


1) Mata Hari

2) Kenneth Kendal

3) Alexi Sayle

4) Shergar

5) Oliver Hardy

6) A UFO

7) Royal Ascot

8) Boys as Chimney Sweeps

9) Brooklands

10) The numbers went from 1-0, it only happens once a century  


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