6th July Quiz

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1) Born 1935, the 14th Spiritual leader of Tibet who fled to India in 1959?

2) Died 1960, the British politician responsible for introducing the National Health Service in 1948, who is it?

3) Born on this day Sylvester Stallone but in which year?

4) Born 1925 Bill Haley had the first Rock N Roll Number 1 what was it?

5) 1553, which Queen acceded to the British Throne?

6) 1892, how did Dadabhai Naoraji achieve fame?

7) 1907, The worlds first purpose built motor racing track opened where in Surrey?

8) 1952 What ran on the streets of London for the last time?

9) 1964, Which Beatles film was premiered On this day in 1964?

10) 1988, The worst off-shore oil-rig disaster occurred killing 167 people. What was the name of the oil-rig?  


1) Dalai Lama

2) Aneurin Bevan

3) 1946

4) Rock Around The Clock

5) Queen Mary 1

6) Britain?s first coloured MP

7) Brooklands

8) Trams

9) Hard Days Night

10) Piper Alpha  


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