9th December Quiz

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1) On this day 1783, what first took place at Newgate Prison?

2) On this day 1868, who started the first of his four terms as British Prime Minister?

3) On this day 1960, which Soap Opera was shown for the first time?

4) On this day 1990, who was elected President of Poland?

5) Born on this day John Milton, the famous poet, in which century?

6) Born on this day 1886, the US inventor of the deep freezing process, who?

7) Born on this day the actor Issur Danielovitch, how is he better known?

8) Died on this day 1641, the painter Anthony Van Dyck, what nationality was he?

9) Died on this day 1993, which famous Irish International footballer?

10) Born on this day 1957, which famous Osmond?  


1) Execution

2) William Gladstone

3) Coronation Street

4) Lech Walesa

5) 17th (1608)

6) Clarence Birdseye

7) Kirk Douglas

8) Flemish (Dutch)

9) Danny Blanchflower

10) Donny  


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