7th November Quiz

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1) What last took place at Tyburn On this day 1783?

2) Which Ill fated boat sailed from New York On this day 1872 only to be found abandoned in the Azores?

3) On this day 1916 American Jeanette Rankin became the first woman what?

4) On this day 1917, who led the Bolshevik Revolution that overthrew the government?

5) Who was re-elected as President of the USA On this day 1972?

6) On this day 1988 In Las Vegas, who completed his collection of 5 World Boxing titles at different weights?

7) On this day in which year did Mary Robinson become the first woman president of the Irish Republic?

8) Born on this day 1867, which Polish Physicist?

9) Born on this day 1926, Joan Sutherland, in what field did she achieve fame?

10) Died this day in which year, Steve McQueen?  


1) Public Hanging

2) Marie Celeste

3) Member of Senate

4) Lenin

5) Richard Nixon

6) Sugar Ray Leonard

7) 1990

8) Marie Curie

9) Opera

10) 1980  


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