6th August Quiz

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1) Born 1809, the author of the poem The Charge Of The Light Brigade?

2) Born 1911, the famous wife of Desi Arnaz , who?

3) Born 1917, the US tough-guy actor who starred in The Friends of Eddie Coyle and The Big Sleep in 1978?

4) Born 1926, the Scottish actor best known for his TV role sin Casanova and Bouquet of barbed Wire, who?

5) Born on this day Barbara Windsor but in which year?

6) Born 1881, Alexander Fleming which drug did he discover in 1928?

7) Born 1922, Freddie Laker, in what year did Laker airlines go bust?

8) Died 1623, Anne Hathaway, who was her famous husband?

9) What was the adopted Christian name of the Pope who Died on this day in 1978?

10) On this day 1945 what was the name of the B-29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb?  


1) Alfred Lord Tennyson

2) Lucille Ball

3) Robert Mitchum

4) Frank Finlay

5) 1937

6) Penicillin

7) 1982

8) William Shakespeare

9) Paul

10) Enola Gay  


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