9th July Quiz

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1) Born 1916, Edward Heath. During which Years was he British Prime Minister?

2) Born 1901, The English Queen of Romantic Novels with almost 500 books to her credit, who is it?

3) Born 1937, The English Painter famous for his Californian Swimming Pool paintings, who is it?

4) Born 1935, the husband of Dame Judi Dench, who is it?

5) 1877, which championship was held for the first time?

6) 1887, What was used for the first time at the annual dinner held at the Castle Hotel, Hastings by Stationary Manufacturers John Dickenson?

7) 1922, which Tarzan swam the 100 metres in under 1 minute?

8) 1938, 35 million what went into the shops in anticipation of World War II?

9) 1984, A bolt of Lightning set fire to which building?

10) 1925, what was first allowed onto the floor of the Dublin Stock Exchange. The first time it was allowed anywhere in the world? 


1) 1970 - 1974

2) Barbara Cartland

3) David Hockney

4) Michael Williams

5) Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship

6) Paper Napkins

7) Johnny Weismuller

8) Gas Masks

9) York Minster

10) Women  


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