9th January Quiz

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Perry Bartlett. Perry runs a quiz night at Floyd's Bar, Cerro Branco, Albufeira in Portugal every Saturday & Wednesday night at 10pm. Many thanks Perry.

1. What did PM William Pitt introduce today in 1799 to raise funds for the Napoleonic wars?

2. Led Zeppelin?s guitarist is 64 today (2008), who is he?

3. Bill Naughton, writer of Alfie died today in 1992, but who played Alfie on screen in 2004?

4. Which industry became much safer thanks to an invention of Sir Humphrey Davy, which was first tested today in 1816?

5. 40 today (2008), which country did Jimmy Adams captain at cricket?

6. Peter Cook, who passed away today in 1995 was proprietor of which magazine?

7. Which ocean liner sank in Hong Kong harbour on this day in 1972?

8. Who is the mother of birthday girl, Joely Richardson?

9. Which musical became the longest running show on Broadway today in 2006?

10. How old is Clive Dunn today (2008)?


1. Income Tax

2. Jimmy Page

3. Jude Law

4. Mining

5. West Indies

6. Private Eye

7. Queen Elizabeth

8. Vanessa Redgrave

9. Phantom of the Opera

10. 88


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