Pub Quiz 52

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The following quiz questions were submitted by William Gleeson from the UK. Thanks William, great job!

1. What does the acronym MASH stand for?

2. Which is the only major golf championship to be played at a permanent venue - 1pt for the championship - 1 pt for the venue

3. 2006 was the Chinese year of the dog - what is 2007 the Chinese year of?

4. What is the 10th wedding anniversary known as?

5. The DSM, Distinguished Service Medal is awarded in which service, army, navy or airforce?

6. What is the highest command in the army?

7. Which two of Henry viii wives did he divorce? 1 pt each

8. What was the 7th day of Christmas?

9. Who are the two dwarfs who begin with the letter `s`? 1 pt each

10 What nationality was the artist Goya?

11. When is St Georges day?

12. Whose last words were `I shall hear in Heaven`

13. Who had 60s hits with `Zabadak `& `The Legend of Xanadu`?

14. What is an animal without a backbone called?

15. Who was Poet Laureate from 1930 to 1968?  

Tie Breaker: In what year was Cambridge`s oldest university college founded ?


1. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

2. US Masters - Augusta

3. pig

4. tin / aluminium

5. Field Marshall

6. Navy

7. Catherine of Aragon & Anne of Cleeves

8. 7 swans a swimming

9. Sleepy & Sneezy

10. Spanish

11. 23 April

12. Beethoven

13. Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

14. Invertebrate

15. John Masefield

Tie Breaker: 1284


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