Pub Quiz 53

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The following quiz questions were submitted by George. Thanks for your support, George!

1. What is kept in an apiary?

2. On which river does Runcorn lie?

3. Oswestry is in which county?

4. In which year was the Queens Silver Jubilee?

5. Who had a no 1 in March 2001 with ?Pure & Simple??

6. What was the name of Dick Turpin?s horse?

7. Which was the first Sunday newspaper to be published in Britain ? Times, Telegraph or Observer?

8. Who wrote the poem ?Ode to a Haggis??

9. In golf what is the opposite of a slice?

10. Who had a no 1 in July 1997 with ?Do you know what I mean??

11. According to a survey in 2006, what is the most popular pet it Britain ? cat, dog or goldfish?

12. What is the chemical symbol for tin?

13. Who has won the most International soccer caps for England?

14. In which country is the Masai Mara game reserve?

15. Who had a no 1 in August 2002 with ?Crossroads??

16. Who wrote the poem `The Owl and The Pussycat`?

17. What is the collective noun for a group of foxes?

18. Which British politician won the Admiral?s Cup in 1971 in his yacht ?Morning Cloud??

19. Was the first FA Cup Final held in: (a) 1868, (b) 1872 or (c) 1876?

20. Who had a no 1 in July 1981 with Ghost Town?

21. In days gone by, what did a Nob Thatcher do for a living ? make roofs, brooms or wigs?

22. In which public school did the game of squash originate?

23. On a Monopoly board what colour is Piccadilly?

24. Which Shakespeare play features the characters Valentine, Sylvia and Proteus?

25. Who had a no 1 in February 1998 with ?Dr Jones??

26. At which racecourse is the St Leger run?

27. Who were the first British football club to win a European trophy ? Liverpool, Spurs or Manchester United?

28. In which ocean are the Galapagos Islands?

29. Saturn has rings, but two other planets also have them ? what are their names?

30. Who had a no 1 in August 2004 with ?Babycakes??  


1. Bees

2. The Mersey

3. Shropshire

4. 1977

5. Hear Say

6. Black Bess

7. The Observer

8. Robert Burns

9. A hook

10. Oasis

11. Goldfish

12. Sn

13. Peter Shilton

14. Kenya

15. Blazin? Squad

16. Edward Lear

17. A skulk

18. Ted Heath

19. 1872. 2. June

20. The Specials

21. Made wigs

22. Harrow

23. Yellow

24. The two gentlemen of Verona

25. Aqua

26. Doncaster

27. Spurs - 1963 European cup winners cup

28. The Pacific

29. Jupiter & Uranus

30. ?3 of a kind?


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