Pub Quiz 54

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The following quiz questions were submitted by George. Thanks for your support, George!

1. What river flows through the City of Cardiff?

2. Where in the human body is the thyroid gland?

3. How many players are there in a netball team?

4. What is the name given to a triangle where all the sides are of different length?

5. Who had a number one in June 2000 with ?You see the trouble with me??

6. What is the official London residence of the Prince of Wales?

7. How many kilograms make one metric ton?

8. Which season of the year does the word vernal relate to?

9. What is the chemical symbol for Mercury?

10. Who had a no 1 in May 2003 with ?Ignition??

11. The aardvark is the first animal listed in the dictionary but what is the second?

12. In which county would you find Biggin Hill?

13. With regard to banks what do the initials TESSA stand for?

14. What name is given to the excrement produced by bacteria that feed on yeast cells and then defecate?

15. Who had a no 1 in November 2004 with ?Vertigo??

16. Who wrote the book ?Three Men In A Boat??

17. Which town was the first to have a nudist beach in England?

18. The headquarters of Greenpeace is in Europe, but is it, Amsterdam, Paris or Vienna?

19. In the game of Cluedo, what weapon is first alphabetically?

20. Who had a no 1 in October 2000 with ?Black Coffee??

21. Which Disney cartoon character was banned in Finland, because he has never worn trousers/

22. Which drink consists of Pineapple Juice, Rum and Coconut?

23. The first lonely hearts ad, did it appear in 1695, 1795 or 1895?

24. What does UNICEF stand for?

25. Who had a no 1 in May 2003 with ?Loneliness??

26. What is the chemical symbol for calcium?

27. How old must Scotch whisky be before it can be sold in the UK, is it 3, 5 or 7 years old?

28. What?s the name of the lake in the middle of Hyde Park?

29. Which acid gives vinegar its characteristic taste & smell?

30. Who had a no 1 in August 2001 with ?21 Seconds??


1. The Taff

2. The neck

3. Seven

4. Scalene

5. Black Legend

6. Clarence House

7. One thousand

8. Spring

9. Hg

10. R Kelly

11. The aardwolf

12. Kent

13. Tax Exempt Special Savings Account

14. Alcohol

15. U2

16. Jerome K Jerome

17. Brighton

18. Amsterdam

19. The candlestick

20. All Saints

21. Donald Duck

22. Pina Colada

23. 1695

24. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

25. Tomcraft

26. Ca

27. Three years

28. The Serpentine

29. Acetic acid

30. So Solid Crew


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