Pub Quiz 55

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The following quiz questions were submitted by George. Thanks for your support, George!

1. What animal is the official symbol of the Worldwide Fund for Nature?

2. In which Dickens?s novel do we meet the Artful Dodger and Fagin?

3. From which language is the word ?nostalgia? derived, is it French, Latin or Greek?

4. The Japanese company Nomura owns more what in Britain than any other company, is it Computers, Pubs, or Sheltered Housing Associations?

5. Who had a no 1 in March 2000 with ?Don?t Give Up?? (Two artists)

6. What is the chemical symbol for titanium?

7. If you suffered from Narcolepsy, what would you always be doing?

8. How many squares are there on a traditional Snakes & Ladders board?

9. Which artist painted the famous painting known as ?La Guernica??

10. Who had a no 1 in March 2004 with ?Mysterious Girl??

11. Which animals gather in a ?Dazzle?, is it Llamas, Giraffes or Zebras?

12. What profession would be followed by someone with the letters FRCVS?

13. In musical notation, how many semi-quavers are there in a semi-Breve ? 8, 12 or 16?

14. What is the name of the sugar found naturally in milk?

15. Who had a no 1 in September 1999 with ?Blue (Da Ba Dee)?

16. Which king won the battle of Agincourt?

17. Which river forms much of the border between England and Scotland?

18. What were the surnames of Bonnie & Clyde?

19. What is the lightest weight category in boxing?

20. Who had a no 1 in June 2003 with ?Bring Me To Life??

21. How many miles are there in eight kilometres?

22. What name is given to a Poem consisting of 14 Lines?

23. What is the popular name for the crane fly?

24. What, according to Groucho Marx begins with F, ends with K, and if you don't get one, you have to use your hand?

25. Who had a no 1 in December 1995 with ?Earth Song??

26. Which country is to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

27. What nationality was the magician Harry Houdini ? French, American or Italian?

28. What would a soldier keep in his frog?

29. According to the Author J.K. Rowling, what name is given to non-magical people?

30. Who had a no 1 in December 2003 with ?Mad World??


1. Giant Panda

2. Oliver Twist

3. Greek

4. Pubs

5. Chicane/Bryan Adams

6. Ti

7. Falling asleep

8. One hundred

9. Picasso

10. Peter Andre

11. Zebras

12. Vet

13. Sixteen

14. Lactose

15. Eiffel 65

16. Henry V

17. The Tweed

18. Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow

19. Straw weight

20. Evanescence

21. Five

22. A Sonnet

23. Daddy long legs

24. Fork

25. Michael Jackson

26. New Zealand

27. American

28. A bayonet

29. Muggles

30. Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules


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