Pub Quiz 56

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Hils at Halcyon Days Holidays. Many thanks Hils, we very much appreciate your submission. Great job!

1. In which year was the Bank of England founded

2. Albert Nobel the man after who the Nobel Prizes where named was originally best known for inventing what

3. In the Harry Potter novel who is the author of the Dream Oracle

4. The film Train Spotting is from a book name the author

5. What was Black Beards Original name

6. What is the most common colour of the flags that appear in the world

7. Who wrote the Canterbury Tales

8. What is Rupophobia the fear of

9. Which American state has a name that ends in three vowels

10. In what year was DNA discovered

11. A camel with two humps is called

12. On which Scottish Island is the town of Tobermory

13. Vladamir Putin of Russia was formally employed by which Soviet organisation

14. What was Model TWIGGY s real name

15. Who is Dick Dastardly canine side kick

16. where was the 1990 World Cup held

17. Who was the first American President to be assassinated

18. In Star Trek what was Captain Kirks middle name

19. What sign of the zodiac are you if you are born at Christmas

20. The assassination of which heir to the Austrian throne precipitated the start of world war 1 


1. 1694

2. Dynamite

3. Inigo Imago

4. Irvine  Welsh

5. Edward Teach

6. Red

7. Geoffrey Chaucer

8. Rubbish Or Dirt

9. Hawaii

10. 1953

11. Bactrian

12. Mull

13. Kgb

14. Lesley Hornby

15. Mutley

16. Italy

17. Abraham Lincoln

18. Tiberius

19. Capricorn

20. Archduke Ferdinand  


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