Pub Quiz 57

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1. Who played Gloria in the TV series "It Ain't Half Hot, Mum"?

2. In cricket, 111 is believed to be an unlucky score. What is it's name?

3. In cloth terms, if Lincoln was green and Coventry was blue, what colour was York?

4. Which Royal House ruled England from 1461 to 1485?

5. Which of the Marx brothers once said "Don't point that beard at me. It might go off"?

6. In the RAF, how many Squadrons make up a "Wing"?

7. Who was Abraham Lincoln's vice-president?

8. Which country was the first to win the Football World Cup in successive tournaments?

9. What colour is traditionally associated with Roman Emperors?

10. In the USA, what is the 2nd of February usually known as?

11. For which film did Jack Nicholson win his first Oscar?

12. In which month of the year does the Jewish festival of Hanukkah begin?

13. Which of the planets was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh?

14. In which Country is the town of Fray Bentos?

15. With which club did Peter Shilton begin his professional football career?

16. Which Bond film did Nancy Sinatra sing the theme song to?

17. In which English County is Highgrove House, the home of Prince Charles?

18. Who, according to legend, carried the world upon his shoulders?

19. Who did the enchantress, Dame Gothel, hold prisoner in the tower?

20. Who played the tramp in the 1986 film Down and out in Beverly Hills?  


1. Melvyn Hayes

2. Nelson

3. Grey

4. York

5. Groucho

6. Three

7. Andrew Johnson

8. Italy

9. Purple

10. Groundhog Day

11. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

12. December

13. Pluto

14. Uruguay

15. Leicester City

16. You Only Live Twice

17. Gloucestershire

18. Atlas

19. Rapunzel

20. Nick Nolte


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