Pub Quiz 58

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The following quiz round was submitted by Paul Wilde from the tynant, (quiz nights sunday and wednesday). Thanks Paul, much appreciated.

1. Who promised "I ll be back" ?
a) Terminator  b) Margret Thatcher  c) Saddam Hussein

2. where would you find the great barrier reef?
a) russia  b) asia  c)australia

3. what is a cat scanner used to find?
a)cats   b) the tv remote  c) cancer

4. which paper did clarke kent write for?
a ) daily bugle  b) the sun  c) the daily planet

5. how many players in a gaelic football team?
a) 15  b)14  c)13

6. what did the F stand for in JFK ?
a) fred  b)francis  c) fitzgerald

7. what is the highest dan in judo ?
a) 10 th  b) 12th c) 11th

8. where did paddington come from
a) bolivia  b) peru  c) argentina

9. where did chocolate originate
a) uk  b) usa  c) mexico

10. what is the most common blood type
a) o negative  b) o positive  c) blue


1) a the terminator

2) c australia

3) c cancer

4) c the daily planet

5) a 15 players

6) c fitzgerald

7) b 12th dan

8) b peru

9) c mexico

10) b o positive 


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