Pub Quiz 59

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Dave Murtens from the UK. Dave runs a pub quiz at the Waterloo Pub in Blackpool. Thanks Dave, great questions!

1. In 1958 Cliff Richard had his first hit single with which record?

2. In which year? The film Grease was released and Kate Bush had a UK No. 1 with Wuthering Heights. 1976, 1977, 1978?

3. Which character did Harold Sakata play in Goldfinger?

4. Mum and Dad are better known as Posh and Becks, but can you name the three young Beckhams?

5. In which country are the Apennines?

6. In which county is Glastonbury?

7. In which country is the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor?

8. Kirsch is a spirit made from which fruit?

9. The Society of Friends are now better known as what?

10. Who wrote the songs for the Wombles?


1. Move It

2. 1978

3. Oddjob

4. Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

5. Italy

6. Somerset

7. The Ukraine

8. Cherries

9. Quakers

10. Mike Batt


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