Pub Quiz 60

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1. In which country is the holiday resort of Torremolinos?

2. Which breed of cat is famous for not having a tail?

3. For what are the letters TSB an abbreviation?

4. From which country does the food lasagne originate?

5. In which sport would you use a niblick?

6. Which guitarist had a hit with ?Hey Joe??

7. Which city stands on the river Isis?

8. Which University is situated at Canterbury?

9. Which metal is extracted from Bauxite?

10. King Rama 9 is the much revered monarch of which country?

11. What is the capital of Brazil?

12. Which car company has the corolla range?

13. What would a Mexican submerge in his beer to make a Submarino?

14. In which century was Robert Burns born?

15. Which element has the atomic number 1?

16. What colour were five pound notes before 1961?

17. What do you save in order to win an Albert medal?

18. What is the next highest prime number after 31?

19. Which monarch only reigned for 325 days?

20. How many edges does a cube have?  


1. Spain

2. Manx

3. Trustee Savings bank

4. Italy

5. Golf

6. Jimi Hendrix

7. Oxford

8. Kent

9. Aluminium

10. Thailand

11. Brasilia

12. Toyota

13. Tequila

14. The 18th

15. Hydrogen

16. Black And White

17. Someone?s Life

18. 37

19. Edward VIII

20. 12


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