Pub Quiz 61

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1. What was the name of the legendary city of gold which inspired the Spanish conquest of South and Central America?

2. Where would you find a crossjack, spanker, royal and top-gallant?

3. An innumerate person has no knowledge of what?

4. How many planets in our solar system have only one moon?

5. Which people reputedly invented paper money?

6. What nationality was Christopher Columbus?

7. What does a gallon of water weigh in pounds?

8. Which are the three largest populated cities in the USA

9. What is the collective name for a group of moles?

10. To within 100 miles how long is the Great Wall of China?  

11. The inhabitants of which island in the Atlantic were evacuated to Britain in 1961 after a volcanic eruption?

12. In which US city did the break in take place which led to the Watergate scandal?

13. What is four cubed minus two cubed?

14. Which group had 2 UK top 10 hits in 1967 with the word believer in the title?

15. Which show do you associate with the phrase ?ooh suit you sir??

16. Who was the commander of the Stingray in the 1960s TV series?

17. From the milk of which animal is Roquefort cheese made?

18. In which country was Che Guevara born?

19. Which women only sport was introduced into the Summer Olympics of 1984?

20. If it is Domingo in Spain and Dimanche in France, what is it in Britain?


1. El Dorado

2. On a sailing ship. They are all types of sail

3. Mathematics or science

4. One - Earth

5. The Chinese

6. Italian

7. Ten

8. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

9. Labour

10. 1400 miles

11. Tristan da Cunha

12. Washington

13. 56

14. Monkees  (I?m a ?& Daydream?)

15. The fast Show

16. Troy Tempest

17. Ewe

18. Argentina

19. Synchronised Swimming

20. Sunday


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