Pub Quiz 62

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The following pub quiz round was submitted by Tim from the UK. The questions are from the pub quiz at the Horse and Jockey in Altofts, near Normanton, West Yorkshire. Many thanks Tim, great questions.

1. What year (in the last 2,000) uses more Roman Numerals than any other (13)?

2. As in the West Indian folk song Sloop John B, how many masts does a sailboat called a sloop have?

3. Thought to have been borrowed from a Monty Python sketch in a meat shop, which four-letter word was coined in 1993 for unwanted bulk e-mails?

4. With her version of ?You Keep me Hanging On?, in 1987 who was the last British born female singer (before Leona Lewis) to top the US charts?

5. Envelope, basket and burner are all parts of which 1783 invention?

6. Which are the most capped England footballers still currently playing in The Premiership (2007 / 08) (all over 70)?

7. Which four-letter word can come after chicken and before back to make two new words or phrases?

8. Written by American sisters Patty and Mildred J. Hill in 1893, what does the Guinness Book Of Records claim to be the most popular song in the English language?

9. Which group is the odd-one out? Bee Gees, Bewitched, The Thompson Twins or The Proclaimers?

10. Now hung in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which Van Gough painting is mentioned in the lyrics of the Don Mclean song Vincent?

11. Angry brigade: 
    a: Which church leader was the First Minister of Northern Ireland? 
    b: In 1981, which female singer and actress slapped Russell Harty across the face on his own chat show? 
    c: Sometimes nicknamed Mrs. Doubtfire, which British golfer reacted angrily to drunken spectators at the 1997 US Open?

Tiebreaker: In which year was Hello magazine first published?



2. One

3. Spam

4. Kim Wilde

5. Hot Air Balloon

6. Michael Owen, Gary Neville & Sol Campbell

7. Feed (chicken feed / feedback)

8. Happy Birthday to You

9. The Thompson Twins (no twins)

10. Starry Night

11. Three Answers:
    a: Ian Paisley, 
    b: Grace Jones 
    c: Colin Montgomerie

Tiebreaker: 1988


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