Pub Quiz 63

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The following pub quiz round was submitted by Tim from the UK. The questions are from the pub quiz at the Horse and Jockey in Altofts, near Normanton, West Yorkshire. Many thanks Tim, great questions.

1. Meaning ?small gain? in 16th century French, what name is given to balls of choux pastry, filled with cream and covered with a chocolate sauce?

2. Born in 1962, which US singer / songwriter is the only artist to have sold more records than Elvis Presley making him the world?s biggest solo artist?

3. With a long history of coal mining, which small market town south of Leeds, has held and annual carnival in Springhead park every July since the 15th century?

4. What is was a musth (say must)?
    a. A Yiddish nursery rhyme. 
    b. A period of sexual excitement of male elephants.
    c. A mouldy growth on soda bread. 
    d. A Moroccan pony cart.

5. Taking its name from the Latin for ship, what name is given to the long central hall in a church?

6. Film musicals: with a one word title: 2002: Razzle Dazzle. 1972: Tomorrow Belongs to Me? 1958: Thank Heaven for Little Girls?

7. Sharpe?s Express, Witchill, Dunbar Rover, Pink Fir Apple and Salad Blue are all early varieties of which vegetable?

8. Including an international footballer and a brand of yoghurt, what is the most common German surname?

9. What colour is the zero on a standard roulette wheel?

10. Which stately home in Staffordshire is now a theme park where you can have a jolly jaunt on the Shockwave and ride on the troublesome trucks in Thomas Land?

11. Grand National: 
    a: Which man?s marriage in 2005 caused the race moved back 25 minutes? 
    b: At 6 feet high 3 feet deep, what name is give to the 15th and tallest fence on the course? 
    c: Which part of the body shares its name with the kink in the run in about a furlong before the finishing line?

12. Screen kiss: 
    a: A scene set in an Italian restaurant, in which 1955 animated film does a cocker spaniel kiss a mongrel? 
    b: The James Stewart?s character is woken with a tender kiss from Grace Kelly in which 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film? 
    c: A forbidden kiss between Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis (Heath Ledger) takes place in which 2005 Oscar winning film?

Tiebreaker: In what year was the Grand National first televised / Biggest number of Horses to finish?


1. Profiterole

2. Garth Brooks

3. Rothwell

4. b. A period of sexual excitement of male elephants.

5. Nave (Navy)

6. Chicago, Cabaret & Gigi

7. Potato

8. M?ller (Mueller)

9. Green

10. Drayton Manor

11. Three Answers:
    a: Prince Charles, 
    b: The Chair 
    c: The Elbow

12. Three Answers:
    a: Lady and the Tramp, 
    b: Rear Window 
    c: Brokeback Mountain

Tiebreaker: 1960 / 23 (1984)


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