Pub Quiz 40

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1. Which group wished it could be Christmas every day?

2. The asteroidea are which order of creatures?

3. Astrakhan comes from which animal?

4. "Somewhere My Love" was the theme song of which movie?

5. The Bronte sisters had a brother name him?

6. The Dutch Royal family are Orange, where is Orange?

7. Who first noticed that the sun had spots?

8. What nationality was tennis player Michael Chang?

9. Philip Glass wrote an opera about which famous person?

10. Janet Jackson had a starring role in which TV series?

11. In music what is meant by pianissimo?

12. Who played bass guitar in Suzi Quatro's group?

13. In Peter Pan what were the names of Wendy's brothers?

14. Picardy is in the north east of which country?

15. Elaine Bookbinder became more famous as who?

16. What are the two official languages of Finland?

17. Who did the original thugs worship?

18. At Waterloo who commanded the Prussian troops?

19. Who was the first male tennis player to win 100 tournaments?

20. What kind of dancer was Mister Bojangles?


1. Wizard

2. Starfish

3. Sheep

4. Doctor Zhivago

5. Branwell

6. Village in France

7. Galileo

8. American

9. Albert Einstein

10. Fame

11. Very softly

12. Suzi Quatro

13. Michael & John

14. France

15. Elkie Brooks

16. Finnish and Swedish

17. The Goddess Kali

18. Marshal Blucher

19. Jimmy Connors

20. A Tap Dancer


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