Pub Quiz 41

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1. Which grand prix circuit is only 1.95 miles long?

2. Which country has the largest orthodox church?

3. Who was born Mark Feld?

4. In the Bible the good Samaritan was travelling to where?

5. In World War II, in what French city did the Germans surrender?

6. Jeffery Archer wrote "Kane and Abel". What was the sequel called?

7. Retsina is a wine from which country?

8. Hedera Helix is better known by what name?

9. What is a peruke?

10. Which food was rationed in the UK after World War II had ended but not during it?

11. Which group had a 1970s UK number one hit with "Oh Boy"?

12. Shamanism is the religion of which people?

13. Black, whooper and Berwick all varieties of what?

14. Who said "I've no problem with drugs - only policemen"?

15. Who was the last Roman Catholic King of England?

16. According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetest?

17. What is the title of the wife of a Marquis?

18. What colour is angelica?

19. What was Buddy Holly's real first name?

20. What was Ghandi's profession?


1. Monaco

2. Russia

3. Marc Bolan

4. Jericho

5. Reims

6. The Prodigal Daughter

7. Greece

8. Ivy

9. A wig

10. Bread

11. Mud

12. Inuit or Eskimos

13. Swan

14. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones

15. James II

16. Forbidden

17. Marchioness

18. Green

19. Charles

20. Lawyer


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