Connections Quiz 5

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1. Which town was the birthplace of Jesus and David?

2. What is the Capital and largest city of the USSR?

3. What is the County town of Hereford and Worcester?

4. Which English City on the River Irwell became a city in 1853 and was a focal point of the textile industry in the 17th century?

5. Which British Duke, born in 1944 in 1972 married Brigitte van Deurs?

6. Which is the only main line railway terminus in London that is south of the river?

7. Beirut is the Capital of where?

8. What is the county town in the Carrick district, West Cornwall?

9. Which Italian city is served by Leonardo Da Vinci airport?

10. What is the connection?


1. Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)

2. Moscow, (Idaho)

3. Worcester (Massachusetts)

4. Manchester (Connecticut)

5. Gloucester (Massachusetts)

6. Waterloo (Iowa)

7. Lebanon (Pennsylvania)

8. Truro (Massachusetts)

9. Rome (Georgia)

10. All US Cities - see italics above


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