Connections Quiz 9

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1. What character was played by Ian Lavender in Dad?s Army?

2. What 4 letter word is as ?to find fault, quibble and whinge??

3. Which former Leicester City midfielder made his England debut in 1999?

4. Which 2 word name is a modern day term for usurer?

5. Which seafaring character featured in Herg?s Adventures of Tin Tin?

6. According to the nursery Rhyme who could eat no fat?

7. Which fashion accessory of the 60s was invented by a Mr Fish?

8. Which former wrestler played bomber in Auf Wiedersehn Pet?

9. Which part of the body is stroked in order to test the Brabinski reflex?

10. Connection between the above answers?


1. Private PIKE


3. Steve GUPPY

4. Loan SHARK

5. Captain HADDOCK

6. Jack SPRAT


8. Pat ROACH

9. SOLE of your feet

10. Names of FISH


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