Connections Quiz 13

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1. For which London-based team did Patrick Vierra play?

2. Actress Jane March was known as the Sinner from where

3. Astronomy, how is the cluster of stars called Pleiades, more commonly known?

4. Which Marquis invented the rules for boxing?

5. Which TV Series could you associate with Zammo Macguire, Gripper Stebson & Mr Sutcliffe?

6. Which cricket ground is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall and is the home of the Surrey County Cricket Club?

7. Which all girl group featured the Appleton Sisters

8. With which football club can one associate Elton John?

9. Which car company manufactured the Monterey?

10. What is the connection?  


1. Arsenal

2. Pinner

3. Seven Sisters

4. Queensbury

5. Grange Hill

6. Oval

7. All Saints

8. Watford

9. Vauxhall

10. London Tube Stations


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