Connections Quiz 14

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1. What is the name of the family in the TV series Married with Children?

2. What was the name of actress Zoe Wannamaker?s filmmaker father?

3. Who was the 1958 Cha Cha dancing champion of Hong Kong?

4. What was the name of the Militant Black organisation found in the USA after the death of Martin Luther King Jr?

5. Who starred alongside Barbara Streisand in the film Whats Up Doc?

6. Who wrote the play ?The Mousetrap??

7. What is the capital city of the South Holland province and seat of the Dutch Government?

8. June Brown played which character in Eastenders?

9. Which actor played the white male lead in Love Thy Neighbour

10. Whats the connection?  


1. Bundy (Ted Bundy)

2. Sam (Son of Sam)

3. Bruce Lee (Henry Lee Lucas Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Derrick Todd Lee Baton Rouge Serial Killer)

4. Black Panthers (The Black Panther)

5. Ryan O?Neal (Michael Ryan)

6. Agatha Christie (John Christie)

7. The Hague (John George Hague ? The Acid Bath Killer)

8. Dot Cotton (Ann Marie Cotton)

9. Jack Smethurst (Jack the Ripper)

10. Serial Killers


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