Connections Quiz 16

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1. In which film did Cliff Richard drive a red double-decker bus?

2. Where is the TV programme Home and Away set?

3. Which Shakespeare play features King Leontes of Sicilia?

4. Which song was hit for The Kinks in the autumn of 1967?

5. Who played Bud Flanagan alongside Leslie Crowthers Chesney Allen in the stage production of Underneath the Arches?

6. Which song taken from the album War of the worlds was a hit for Justin Hayward?

7. What is the nickname of the South African Rugby Union team?

8. What?s the full name of the Vampire slaying girl portrayed by Sarah Michelle Geller?

9. Which now deceased women sang the first song on Top of The Pops?

10. What is the Connection?  


1. SUMMER Holiday


3. A WINTER?S Tale

4. AUTUMN Almanac

5. Bernie WINTERS

6. Forever AUTUMN

7. The SPRINGboks

8. Buffy SUMMER

9. Dusty SPRINGfield

10. The Four Seasons


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