Connections Quiz 17

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Thanks Alan, great round!

1. What is the alternative name for the plant "woodbine"

2. The "Day of......" what is the most solemn religious fast day of the Jewish year

3. Roy Orbison had his first UK No.1 hit in August 1960- what was its title

4. Which modern day musical instrument is most closely related to the 14th century "sackbut"

5. Freetown is the capital of which country

6. Which type of dwelling gets its name from the literal translation of the French for "little house"

7. The world's 4th most populous country contains more than 3,000 islands extending from the Malaysian mainland towards Australia. What is its name

8. What was the nickname of the famous US Civil War Confederate General Thomas Jackson

9. Which male singing voice falls between tenor and bass

10. What connects all 9 answers


1. Honeysuckle

2. Atonement

3. Only the lonely

4. Trombone

5. Sierra Leone

6. Maisonette

7. Indonesia

8. Stonewall

9. Baritone

10. They all contain the number "one" 


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