Easy General Knowledge Quiz 12

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1. What is the basic currency of India?

2. Who wrote the song ?American Pie??

3. To which movement did the former Cambodian Leader Pol Pot belong?

4. In what year was NATO established?

5. Who succeeded Jimmy Carter as President?

6. In which country other than Germany is German the only official language?

7. What do you call a material that can carry electricity?

8. Which children's TV show did Roy Castle present?

9. What was Tonto's horse called?

10. What type of dog is named after a Canadian province?

11. On which river does Sheffield stand?

12. Which side moves first in a game of chess?

13. Which is the most southerly Football League club in England?


1. The rupee

2. Don McLean

3. Khmer Rouge

4. 1949

5. Ronald Reagan

6. Austria

7. Conductor

8. Record breakers

9. Scout

10. Labrador

11. Don

12. White

13. Plymouth Argyle


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