Mammoth General Knowledge Quiz 1

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1. On which day are hot cross buns traditionally eaten?

2. Which European countries flag is red and gold and incorporates an eagle in its crest.

3. Why don?t actors sing in the dressing room?

4. What was given on the seventh day of Christmas?

5. Who are the world?s greatest cheese eaters?

6. Who was Clyde Barrow?s partner in crime?

7. Where can the largest cannon in the world be seen?

8. Out of every 10 women in Scotland, how many were pregnant on their wedding day, according to a Royal Commission of 1868?

9. If you entered a Canadian pair's race what sport would you be taking part in?

10. Which famous fighter plane did R.J. Mitchell design in 1936?

11. What is a female donkey called?

12. Which animal is the offspring of a male ass and a mare?

13. Where would you find a scut on a rabbit?

14. What animal?s skin gives us Morocco Leather?

15. What sort of creature is a Death Puffer?

16. The cheetah is the fastest thing on 4 legs. What is the fastest thing on 2 legs?

17. Which living flying bird has the largest wingspan?

18. The grey squirrel is not indigenous British mammal but was introduced in 1889 from which part of the world?

19. What was the name of the American project to put a man on the moon?

20. What type of trees grew in the Garden of Gethsemane-the scene of Christ?s agony and betrayal?

21. How many Bronte sisters were there?

22. What 5 things did old King Cole send for?

23. How many teaspoons make a tablespoon in the UK?

24. Which county cricket team plays its home matches at Lords?

25. Which is the largest Scandinavian Country?

26. Who did James Earl Ray shoot?

27. What was the name of the puppet that appeared with Phillip Schofield on children?s TV?

28. In the film Kid Galahad Elvis Presley played a sportsman, which sport?

29. Which enemy of Batman usually carries an umbrella?

30. In the nursery rhyme where did Mary?s lamb follow her to?

31. On which British river does Sheffield stand?

32. Which side moves first in a game of chess?

33. Which is the most southerly Football League club in England?

34. Who invented the Sandwich?

35. Which Neil Diamond song was a No. 1 for UB40?

36. Who put together the group called The Wombles?

37. What is the only British City named after a Saint?

38. What do the letters GI mean in US military terms?

39. Which song opens the music for Oklahoma?

40. Which fictional town is the setting of the film Brassed Off?

41. With which organisation would you associate Tom Champagne?

42. On what river is the Niagara Falls located?

43. The French call it La Manche, what do we call it?

44. Which fairy tale character could spin straw into gold?

45. What song did Audrey Hepburn sing, whilst sitting on a fire escape in the film Breakfast at Tiffany?s?

46. What was South Pacific?s magical island called?

47. Which smart suburb of Washington DC has given its name to an American comic actor?

48. What was the ancient Greek name for a racecourse?

49. With which scandal would you associate Deep Throat?

50. What does the Speaker do to a persistently disruptive MP?  


1. Good Friday.

2. Spain.

3. It means that one of the cast will soon be out of work.

4. 7 swans a singing.

5. The French.

6. Bonnie Parker.

7. The Kremlin.

8. Nine.

9. Canoeing

10. The Spitfire.

11. A jenny.

12. A mule.

13. It?s a rabbits tail.

14. Goats skin.

15. Poisonous fish.

16. The ostrich.

17. The wandering albatross.

18. North America.

19. The Apollo project.

20. Olive trees.

21. 3

22. Pipe and bowl and fiddlers three.

23. 4 (see comments below for dispute)

24. Middlesex.

25. Sweden.

26. Martin Luther King.

27. Gordon.

28. Boxing.

29. Penguins

30. Schools.

31. Don

32. White

33. Plymouth Argyle

34. The Earl of Sandwich

35. Red Red Wine

36. Mike Batt

37. St. Albans

38. Government Issue

39. Oh what a beautiful morning

40. Grimley

41. Readers digest (he is/was the prize draw manager)

42. Niagara

43. The English Channel

44. Rumplestiltskin

45. Moon River

46. Bali hai

47. Chevy Chase

48. Hippodrome

49. Watergate

50. Name him


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