Easy General Knowledge Quiz 7

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The following quiz round was submitted by Pamela Drinkall from the UK. Pamela runs a quiz at the Sutton on Sea Social club every Thursday night. Many thanks Pamela, a great round!

Pamela describes this round as an easy round. We say: A round is only easy when you know the answers!

1. Who sang When i`m cleaning windows & Oh Mr Woo

2. In the likley lads who did Bob marry

3. What pack is led by brown owl

4. Who wrote The Pit and the Pendulem

5. Which radio station opened in the 70s was the first legal opposition to the B B C.

6. Where in the UK is there a large army camp and also a racecourse?

7. Which video cass dissapeared as it could not compete with V H S

8. Which is non metal and a major constituent of glass

9. Where are the Whitsunday isles

10. Unravel this for a film RISK HAT FOR OLDEST ERA

11. Which vedge has the most calories

12. What is THANATOSIS

13. Where is the Welland ship canal

14. Which Scottish Glen is Loch Ness in

15. Who wrote the music to Rule Britiannia

16. What is a boyar

17. Which year was the Berlin wall erected

18. Which Royal wedding was the first to shown on T V in colour

19. Which playwright won an oscar as well as a nobel prize



1. George Formby

2. Thelma

3. Brownies

4. Edger Allen Poe

5. London Broadcasting Corporation (LBC)

6. Caterick, Aldershot

7. Betamax

8. Silicon

9. Austraila ( Queensland)

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark

11. Avacardo

12. Playing dead or Playing Possam

13. Canada

14. Glen More

15. Thomas Arne

16. A Russian Aristocrat

17. 1961

18. Princess Anne Mark Philips

19. George Bernard Shaw

20. Your stomach making noises


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