Pauls Quiz 167

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1. July, 1956. Who was the first person to have a number one album ?   
    a. Frank Sinatra  
    b. Ella Fitzgerald  or 
    c. Elvis Presley

2. In which city did the Tango originate ?

3. How do members of the Massai tribe greet each other ?

4. Statistically, most children are born   
    a. between 2am and 5am  
    b. between 7am and 10am  or 
    c. between 9pm and midnight

5. The eye muscle is the most active muscle in the human body. It moves an estimated how many times in the course of a day ?  
    a. 10,000  
    b. 100,000  or 
    c. 1,000,000

6. Which Beatle or Beatles did not participate in the recording of the album `Best of Beatles??

7. What did Vincent van Gogh do with that ear he cut off ?

8. What is the opposite of El Nino ?

9. Which unhealthy product was Britains largest single import from 1750 until 1820 when it was surpassed by raw cotton ?  
    a. tobacco  
    b. coffee or 
    c. sugar

10. Which rap stars stage name was borrowed from an Inca warrior king who fought against the Spanish ?


1. a. Frank Sinatra

2. Buenos Aires The dance originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires. The music derived from the fusion of various forms of music from Europe. Jorge Luis Borges in "El idioma de los argentinos" writes:"Tango belongs to the Rio de la Plata and it is the son of Uruguayan "milonga" and grandson of the "habanera". The word Tango seems to have first been used in connection with the dance in the 1890s. Initially it was just one of the many dances, but it soon became popular throughout society, as theatres and street barrel organs spread it from the suburbs to the working-class slums, which were packed with hundreds of thousands of European immigrants.

3. they spit on each other

4. a. between 2am and 5am

5. b. 100,000

6. All of them. "Best of The Beatles" was a solo album/DVD from the ex-Beatle Pete Best.

7. He gave it to a Madame in a brothel. On Christmas Eve 1888 he went to a Paris brothel and asked that it be given to a certain Rachel as a Christmas present.

8. La Nina El Ni?o is a global coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon. The Pacific ocean signatures, El Ni?o and La Ni?a are important temperature fluctuations in surface waters of the tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean. The name El Ni?o, from the Spanish for "the little boy", refers to the Christ child, because the phenomenon is usually noticed around Christmas time in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of South America. La Ni?a, similarly, means "the little girl". These effects were first described in 1923 by Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker from whom the Walker circulation, an important aspect of the Pacific ENSO phenomenon, takes its name.

9. c. sugar

10. Tupac Amaru Shakur Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 ? September 13, 1996), also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper. In addition to his status as a top-selling recording artist, Shakur was a successful film actor and a prominent social activist. He is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-selling rap artist, with over 75,000,000 albums sold worldwide, including over 50,000,000 in the United States. Most of Shakur's songs are about growing up amid violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, problems in society and conflicts with other rappers. Shakur's work is known for advocating political, economic, social and racial equality, as well as his raw descriptions of violence, drug and alcohol abuse and conflicts with the law.


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