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1. Which famous writer is 3.7 metres?

2. What was the name of the character played by Bruce Lee in the short lived US tv series 'The Green Hornet'?

3. Name the five Allied code names for the beaches in Normandy on D-Day.

4. What nickname was given to Margret Tobin Brown in 1912 ?

5. All of the following had a one hit wonder.  Choose five and name the song.   
    a. MFSB and The Three Degrees  
    b. Emilia  
    c. M  
    d. David Garrick  
    e. Miguel Rios  
    f. All 4 One  
    g. Zager and Evans  
    h. Rick Dees and his cast of idiots  
    i. Whistling Jack Smith

6. What were the two names given to Rhett and Scarlett's child in Gone with the wind?

7. Name the two ports starting with the letter 'T' from which many Barbary pirates operated.

8. Morgan Robertson's 1898 fictional story 'Futility' was eerie because it closely resembled which real disaster which had not yet taken place?

9. Weihenstephan is apparently the oldest what in the world?  
    a. brewery  
    b. mechanical clock  
    c. newspaper  
    d. sanitorium

10. In which 1947 film did Charlie Chaplin, the worlds most beloved clown, play a serial killer?


1. Mark Twain   'Mark Twain was riverboat jargon for 2 fathoms or 12 feet(3.7 m)

2. Kato The Green Hornet is a masked fictional crime fighter. Kato is a fictional character from The Green Hornet series. This character has also appeared with the Green Hornet in film, television, book and comic book versions. Kato was the Hornet's sidekick and has been played by a number of actors. On radio, Kato was initially played by Raymond Hayashi, then Roland Parker who had the role for most of the run, and in the later years Mickey Tolan. Keye Luke took the role in the movie serials, and in the television series it was handled by Bruce Lee.

3. Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

4. The unsinkable Molly Brown. One of the Titanic survivors The Unsinkable Molly Brown is a musical with music and lyrics by Meredith Willson and book by Richard Morris. The musical tells a fictionalized version of the life of Margaret Brown, who survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic, and her wealthy miner-husband.

5. Nine Answers:
    a. TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)  
    b. Big Big World  
    c. Pop Muzik  
    d. Dear Mrs. Applebee  
    e. A Song Of Joy  
    f. I Swear  
    g. In The Year 2525  
    h. Disco Duck  
    i. I Was Kaiser Bills Batman

6. Bonnie Blue

7. Tunis and Tripoli The Barbary pirates, also sometimes called Ottoman corsairs, were Muslim pirates and privateers that operated from North Africa, from the time of the Crusades until the early 19th century. Based in North African ports such as Tunis in Tunisia, Tripoli in Libya, Algiers in Algeria, Sal? and other ports in Morocco, they primarily commandeered western-european ships in the western Mediterranean Sea. Their stronghold was along the stretch of northern Africa known as the Barbary Coast (a medieval term for the Maghreb after its Berber inhabitants), but their predation was said to extend throughout the Mediterranean, south along West Africa's Atlantic seaboard, and into the North Atlantic as far north as Iceland. They often made raids, called Razzias, on European coastal towns to capture Christian slaves to sell at slave markets in places such as Algeria and Morocco.

8. The sinking of the Titanic Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan was an 1898 novella written by Morgan Robertson. The story features the ocean liner Titan, which sinks in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg. The Titan and its sinking have been noted to be very similar to the real-life passenger ship RMS Titanic, which sank fourteen years later. Although the novel was written before the Olympic-class Titanic had even been designed, there are some remarkable coincidences between the fictional and real-life counterparts. Like the Titanic, the fictional ship sank in April in the North Atlantic, and there were not enough lifeboats for the passengers. There are also similarities between the size (800 ft long for Titan versus 882? ft long for the Titanic), speed (25 knots for Titan, 24 knots for Titanic) and life-saving equipment.

9. a. brewery Weihenstephan is a small city near Freising (48,500 inhabitants) north of Munich, Upper Bavaria and belongs to Freising district.

10. Monsieur Verdoux Monsieur Verdoux is a 1947 black comedy film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. The film is about an unemployed banker, Henri Verdoux, and his sociopathic methods of attaining income. While being both loyal and competent in his work, Verdoux has been laid-off. To make money for his wife and child, he marries wealthy widows and then murders them. His crime spree eventually works against him when two particular widows break his normal routine. The film ends as Verdoux is being led to the guillotine in the prison courtyard after dismissing his killing of a few as no worse than the highly-praised killing of large numbers of people in every war.


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