Easy General Knowledge Quiz 10

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1. How many pairs of ribs would the normal human have?

2. Who wrote the classic novel ?Les Miserables??

3. What was the name of Sherlock Holmes Housekeeper?

4. Which actress played the part of Sybil Fawlty in Television?s Fawlty Towers?

5. What was the title of Beethoven?s only opera?

6. Which river flows through the city of Dublin?

7. Who appeared with David McCallum in the title role of the TV series ?Sapphire and Steel??

8. Which Irishman won the Tour de France in 1987?

9. In which European country is Cro-Magnon, famous for the discovery of four Palaeolithic skeletons in 1868?

10. Which town is the administrative centre for the Open University?  

11. Who was dedicated to killing Moby Dick?

12. In which city is the Sacre Coeur?

13. What does an entomologist study?

14. From which course did yesterdays Belgian Grand Prix come?

15. Who painted The last Supper?

16. Which film was the first to feature a laser gun?

17. What was George Washington?s wife?s first name?

18. What is Xenophobia?

19. Which Gilbert And Sullivan Opera is set in Japan?

20. How was Achilles killed?


1. 12

2. Victor Hugo

3. Mrs Hudson

4. Prunella Scale

5. Fidelio

6. Liffey

7. Joanna Lumley

8. Stephen Roche

9. France

10. Milton Keynes

11. Captain Ahab

12. Paris

13. Insects

14. Spa

15. Leonardo da Vinci

16. Goldfinger

17. Martha

18. Hatred Of Foreigners

19. The Mikado

20. By an arrow in his heel


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