Rivers Quiz 2

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1. What alternative name is given to the stretch of the Thames that passes through Oxford?

2. The West Bank of which river is at the centre of the Arab-Israeli conflict?

3. What effect does a weir have on a river?

4. What is the name of the large spectacular waterfall on the river Zambezi, on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border?

5. In which war was the Battle of the River Plate?

6. When Sir Walter Raleigh led an expedition to the Orinoco River in South America in 1595, what was he hoping to find?

7. What name is given to a small hollow in the rock bed of a river?

8. Which two rivers meet at Khartoum to form the river Nile? Clue: The two rivers both have 'Nile' in their names.

9. Which fashionable ski resort is on the river Landquart in East Switzerland?

10. Which British government agency launched in 1989 has a statutory duty to protect rivers and seas from pollution?  


1. Isis

2. Jordan

3. Raises the water level (It's a wall built across a river)

4. Victoria Falls

5. World War II (British ships pursued a German battleship to Uruguay)

6. Gold

7. Pothole (as well as being one in a cave, or unwanted one in the road!)

8. Blue Nile and White Nile

9. Klosters

10. National Rivers Authority


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