Mountains of the World Quiz 1

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1. Which is the world?s second highest mountain?

2. Which South African city is overlooked by Table Mountain?

3. Named after an assassinated president, which is the highest mountain in the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains?

4. Which is the highest mountain in Scotland?s Grampian range?

5. Which Greek mountain was considered to be the home of the gods in ancient times?

6. Of which North African mountain system is Mount Toubkal the highest point?

7. Which is the highest peak of the Caucasus range?

8. Which European mountain is known for its north face which is notoriously difficult to climb?

9. The highest mountain in the USA stands in the state of Alaska, what is its name?

10. Which mountain also known as Mont Cervin was first climbed in 1865 by Edward Whymper?  


1. K2 aka Chogori or Mount Godwin Austin

2. Cape Town

3. Garfield Mountain

4. Ben Nevis

5. Olympus

6. Atlas mountains

7. Mount Elbrus

8. Eiger

9. Mount McKinley

10. The Matterhorn


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