North America Quiz 1

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1. Which is the North American member of the weasel family which emits a foul-smelling fluid in self-defence?

2. Where are there giant portraits of 4 US presidents carved on a mountainside?

3. On which river is the Niagara Falls?

4. Name any 4 of the 6 states that make up the area known as New England?

5. Which rock star made the album ?Born in the USA??

6. What kind of leaf appears on the Canadian flag?

7. Which US territory became a state in 1907 and was the subject of a 1943 musical?

8. On the site of which battle did Abraham Lincoln make a speech stressing the constitutional ideals of freedom, equality and democracy?

9. What area of land was brought by the USA from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 Million?

10. In what year did the attack on Pearl Harbour take place?  


1. Skunk

2. Mount Rushmore

3. Niagara River

4. Six Answers:
    New Hampshire, 
    Rhode Island and 

5. Bruce Springsteen

6. Maple Leaf

7. Oklahoma

8. Gettysberg

9. Alaska

10. 1941


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