Geography Quiz 14

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Geography Quiz1. Hawaii is nicknamed the Aloha State. What does the word Aloha mean?

2. Which place in California is one of the worlds hottest, driest places, with temperatures reaching 52?C and less than 2 inches annual rainfall?

3. What is Australia?s largest state?

4. Which city was replaced as capital of Brazil by Brasilia?

5. What is the name of the pleasure resort and racecourse in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris?

6. Which continent occupies 10% of the worlds surface, contains 90% of the worlds ice and 70% of its fresh water?

7. Which city is the capital of the Lebanon?

8. From where does the Manx breed of cat originate?

9. Who was the emperor of Japan during World War II?

10. Give the name of the ancient land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which is now part of Iraq?

11. Which country is served by Garuda air?

12. Which South African headland formed a peninsula between Table bay and False Bay, Cape Town?

13. What in China is a Sampan?

14. Which currency is shared by the countries of Algeria, Jordan and Libya?

15. Which fast ballroom dance in 4/4 time is named after a town in South Carolina?

16. Which country is home of the Ashanti?

17. What nationality were the members of the first successful expedition to the South Pole?

18. What was the original function of the leaning tower of Pisa?

19. Where in Germany is there an annual summer festival devoted to the operas of Richard Wagner?

20. Which type of sugar has the same name as a river in Guyana?  


1. Hello

2. Death valley

3. Western Australia

4. Rio de Janeiro

5. Longchamp

6. Antarctica

7. Beirut

8. Isle of Man

9. Hirohito

10. Mesopotamia

11. Indonesia

12. Cape of good hope

13. A type of boat

14. Dinar

15. Charleston

16. Ghana

17. Norwegian

18. Bell tower / campanile

19. Bayreuth

20. Demerara


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