The Low Countries Quiz 1

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1. In which country is Gouda cheese made?

2. Give the term that describes land reclaimed from the sea in the Netherlands?

3. What is the official name of Luxembourg?

4. Give the another name for the Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)

5. What is the official language of Luxembourg?

6. For which commodity is the Dutch town of Delft well known?

7. In which of the low countries is the region of Flanders?

8. Which is Belgium?s city of Flowers?

9. What is the French name for Brussels, capital of Belgium?

10. Which Dutch port is the biggest oil-refining centre in the world?  


1. Netherlands

2. Polder

3. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

4. Benelux

5. French

6. China

7. Belgium

8. Ghent

9. Bruxelles

10. Rotterdam


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