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1. The name London may stem from which king who ruled at the time of the Roman invasion ?

2. Add the next three words to each of the following verses of `London Bridge?.  (how it comes down)
    a. "wood and clay ..."  
    b. "bricks and mortar ..."  
    c. "iron and steel will ..."  
    d. "silver and gold will ..."

3. Which of the following men became a hero by escaping five times from the confines of that `place of infamy and great distress? known as Newgate prison- `being more full of horror than death??  
    a. Casanova  
    b. John the Painter  
    c. Dick Turpin  
    d. Jack Shepard

4. London was the first city in the world to be attacked with long distance rockets known as V2`s. What did the V stand for ?

5. The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain at Picadilly Circus, better known as Eros, was the first statue made with which material ?

6. In song, "Terry meets Julie" where ?

7. Which woman and her tribal army put London to the torch in 60 AD ?

8. Cockney may stem from coquina, the Latin term for what ?

9. Prior to the Empire Stadium (Wembley), where in London where FA Cup finals held ?  Four answers

10. Since when has the "f" word been used on the steets of London ?  
    a. since the 18th century  
    b. since the 15th century  
    c. since the 13th century  
    d. since the 5th century


1. King Lud

2. Four Answers:
    a. "will wash away"  
    b. "will not stay"  
    c. "bend and bow"  
    d. " be stolen away"

3. d. Jack Shepard    (Casanova was once imprisoned in Newgate)

4. Vergeltung (or 'Vengeance' in English)

5. Aluminium

6. Waterloo Station.  Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks)

7. Boudicca

8. Cookery

9. Four Answers
    The Oval, 
    Lillie Bridge, 
    Crystal Palace and 
    Stamford Bridge

10. c. since the 13th century


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