Thailand Quiz 1

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1. What is the main religion of Thailand?

2. What title does the correct name for Bangkok hold?

3. What was the former name of Thailand?

4. What is the name of the notorious drugs smuggling area where Thailand meets Burma and Laos?

5. What is the national airline of Thailand?

6. Which Siberian actor born 1915 will we always associate with King Rama IV of Thailand?

7. Which James Bond movie was filmed in and around Thailand?

8. How many hours ahead of GMT is Thailand?

9. What is the title of the controversial film starring Leonardo de Caprio that was filmed on the island of Koh Phi Phi?

10. Who was the first Thai snooker player to win a major tournament?  


1. Buddhism 95% (Christian 4%)

2. Worlds longest (approx. 183 letters)

3. Siam

4. The Golden Triangle

5. Thai

6. Yul Brynner (King and I)

7. The Man with the Golden Gun

8. 7

9. The Beach

10. James Wattana 


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