Roads and Railways Quiz 1

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1. What is the name of the emblem found on a Rolls Royce?

2. In which city would you be if you caught a train from Lime Street station?

3. What?s the name of the road in London that runs from Buckingham Palace to Admiralty Arch?

4. Which city has a station called Parkway?

5. The Roman Road Ermine Street ran from London to where?

6. Waverley station is in which town?

7. Which motorway runs from London to South Wales?

8. The Grand Central station is an Art Deco building in which city?

9. In which European capital is Nyugati Station?

10. What is the standard gauge for Britain?s railways, 3ft 6inches, 4ft 8 ? inches, 5ft, 9 ? inches, 6ft 2 inches, 12ft?  


1. Spirit of Ectascy

2. Liverpool

3. The Mall

4. Bristol

5. York

6. Edinburgh

7. M4

8. New York

9. Budapest

10. 4ft 8? inches  


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