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Geography Quiz1. The channel between Australia and Tasmania was named after a British explorer, who was he?

2. Who was the Italian explorer after whom America was named?

3. After which revolutionary leader was Bolivia named?

4. George Everest was responsible for the naming of which?

5. Which city in Pennsylvania is named after a British Prime Minister?

6. Which group of South Atlantic islands are named after a 17th century treasurer of the British navy?

7. Which Australian capital was once called Palmerston, but changed its name in honour of a famous naturalist?

8. After which US President is the capital of Liberia named?

9. Of which Australian state, named after a queen is Melbourne the capital?

10. Which Australian state capital is named after the consort of Britain?s William IV?

11. Which line on the London underground was originally called the fleet line?

12. The Heriot-Watt University is in which British City?

13. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in which range?

14. Which county used to be divided into ridings?

15. IL are the international registration letters for which country?

16. Which capital city stands on the river Moskva?

17. Name the sparsely populated 4th largest us state which has a settlement of crow Indians?

18. The Reeperbahn is the red light district of which European City?

19. What is the Capital of Syria

20. The Catskills are part of which larger mountain range?


1. George Bass

2. Amerigo Vespucci

3. Simon Bolivar

4. Mount Everest

5. Pittsburgh

6. Falkland Islands

7. Darwin

8. James Monroe - Monrovia

9. Victoria

10. Adelaide

11. Jubilee line

12. Edinburgh

13. Alps

14. Yorkshire

15. Israel

16. Moscow

17. Montana

18. Hamburg

19. Damascus

20. The Appalachians


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