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Geography Quiz1. What country is second to South Africa in gold production?

2. What river has the alternative name of Zaire?

3. What two countries edge the Victoria Falls?

4. What South East Asian country?s name means ?land of the free??

5. What is the official language of Liechtenstein?

6. What is the capital of Turkey?

7. What nation did Niger, Algeria, the Congo and Tunisia all gain independence from?

8. What two countries border the highest mountain the Americas?

9. What African country?s name is from the Latin for free?

10. What name comes from the Polynesian Owhyhii, meaning place of the gods?

11. Which Island nation, whose capital is Taipei, was formerly known as Formosa?

12. Which US state is Chicago in?

13. Which desert covers part of China and Mongolia?

14. Which other country apart from San Marino is completely surrounded by Italy?

15. This Italian island shares it's name with a model of car, stands at the southern entrance to the Bay of Naples and is famous for its Blue Grotto.

16. What is the former name of Beijing?

17. Where is the home of the Mormon religion?

18. In which city is the Taj Mahal?

19. Which is Australia's largest state?

20. Which is Australia's highest mountain?  


1. The US

2. The Congo River

3. Zimbabwe & Zambia

4. Thailand

5. German

6. Ankara

7. France

8. Argentina and Chile

9. Liberia

10. Hawaii

11. Taiwan

12. Illinois

13. Gobi

14. Vatican city

15. Capri

16. Peking

17. Salt lake city, Utah, USA

18. Agra

19. W.A.

20. Mt Kosciusko


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