UK Geography Quiz 1

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Geography Quiz1. How Many Faces Has The Clock On Big Ben?s Tower?

2. Which Channel Island Is Famous For Having No Cars?

3. Where Is Beaumaris Castle?

4. Where In London Is The Lutine Bell?

5. Which Hills Divide England And Scotland?

6. What Is England?s Second Largest Cathedral?

7. Which Firth Lies Between South West Scotland And Northwest England?

8. What Are The Canals In Cambridge Called?

9. In Which London Square Is The Us Embassy?

10. Dogger Bank Is Of Which English County?  


1. Four

2. Sark.

3. Anglesey.

4. Lloyd?s Of London.

5. Cheviots.

6. York Minster

7. Solway Firth.

8. The Backs

9. Grosvenor Square.

10. Northumberland.


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