Ireland Quiz 2

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1. Which mountains stretch from Carlingford Lough to Dundrum Bay?

2. Which lake is the British Isles' largest?

3. What is Dublin's most famous theatre called?

4. If you bought the RTE Guide what information would you receive?

5. Which three counties of the Republic of Ireland begin with K?

6. What are Fianna Fail and Fine Gael?

7. Which three places in Northern Ireland may officially use the title 'city'?

8. What are the columns of the Giant's Causeway made from?

9. Which is Ireland's chief river?

10. What are drumlins?

11. Which battle of 1690 in Ireland, was the decisive battle of the War of English Succession?

12. When the Irish band Boyzone released 'When The Going Gets Tough', which fund raising event were they supporting?

13. What is Southern Ireland officially called these days?

14. In the popular song 'It's a long way to Tipperary'. To the nearest 50 miles, how far is it?

15. What is a shillelagh?

16. Which 8th-century illuminated manuscript of the Gospels can be found in Trinity College library, Dublin?

17. What is the national badge of Ireland worn by the people on St. Patrick's day?

18. What happened in 1845 that resulted in many thousands of deaths, and led to large-scale emigration to the USA.

19. In Irish folklore, whose wailing warns of imminent death?

20. Which tale, popular with children, was written by a former dean of St. Patrick's in Dublin, Jonathan Swift?  


1. Mountains of Mourne

2. Lough Neagh

3. Abbey Theatre

4. TV listings

5. Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny

6. Political parties

7. Armagh, Belfast, Londonderry

8. Lava

9. Shannon

10. Hills

11. Battle of the Boyne

12. Comic Relief (1999)

13. Republic of Ireland (since 1949. 1921 - Irish Free State, 1937 - Eire)

14. 350 miles (half marks for 300 or 400). The singer is in London.

15. A cudgel (short thick stick used as a weapon)

16. Book of Kells

17. Shamrock

18. Potato famine (caused by a parasitic fungus)

19. Banshee

20. Gullivers Travels


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