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History1. In which park was London's Great Exhibition of 1851 held?

2. Which feared invader from the east was forced to retreat in 451AD, after a battle in Gaul?

3. On what date was the American Declaration of Independence made?

4. In 1894, which French officer was convicted of treason and sent to Devil's island?

5. What ship conveyed 120 anti-Catholic Puritans across the Atlantic in 1620?

6. During the French revolution who was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday?

7. The Great Arab City of Valencia was captured by which Christian commander in 1094?

8. Which ruthless land agent in 1870s Ireland was shunned by the local populace?

9. In what country did the Long March of 1934 take place?

10. What tactic was used to disrupt the Spanish Armada?s attack on England in 1588?

11. Which country?s sovereignty was guaranteed by the Lateran Treaties of 1929?

12. Which country?s troops invaded Cambodia in 1979?

13. From which country did Norway secure its independence in 1905?

14. With what was the Balfour Declaration of 1917 concerned?

15. Which European country did not grant women the right to vote until 1971?

16. On 18th March 1965 what was Alexi Leonov the first man to achieve?

17. What did the Touban Law of 1994 seek to protect the French against?

18. Which country seceded from Colombia in 1903?

19. Which Portuguese colony for over 400 years joined the commonwealth in 1995?

20. Which Nobel Prize was first won by Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen in 1969?

21. Who preceded Daniel Moi as president of Kenya?

22. What was the first commercial jet airliner?

23. Who became Britain?s first woman Member of Parliament in 1919?

24. Which Radio DJ used to host the comedy slot between 1pm and 2pm every Saturday Lunch until 1994?

25. Who was known as The Serpent of the Nile?

26. What was Marco Polo?s home town?

27. What did the Daily Universal register become in 1788?

28. What was King George I?s liguistic disability?

29. Zola played football for which English football team?

30. What was Winston Churchill?s wife?s name?


1. Hyde Park

2. Atilla the Hun

3. 4 July 1776

4. Captain Alfred Dreyfus

5. The Mayflower

6. Jean-Paul Marat

7. El Cid (Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar)

8. Captain Boycott

9. China

10. Fireships

11. Vatican City

12. Vietnam

13. Sweden

14. British support for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine

15. Switzerland

16. Walk in Space

17. Corruption of their language by the use of Foreign phrases

18. Panama

19. Mozambique

20. Nobel prize for Economics

21. Jomo Kenyatta

22. The Comet

23. Lady Astor

24. Adrian Juste

25. Cleopatra

26. Venice

27. The Times

28. He Couldn?t Speak English

29. Chelsea

30. Clementine


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