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History1. Where did the Incas originate?

2. In which battle did Sitting Bull defeat General Custer?

3. The Battle of Bosworth Field took place during which war?

4. What was Baron Manfred von Richthofen popularly known as?

5. When was the American Declaration of Independence?

6. Which state succeeded the Roman Empire?

7. The Hundred Years War was between which two countries?

8. In which American state did the English first settle in 1607?

9. From which French town were more than 330,000 Allied Troops evacuated in 1940?

10. Which Scottish king was killed at the battle of Flodden?

11. Which British institution was given independence from the government in 1997, four days after the Labour Party won the general election?

12. With which country did Britain have a ?cod war? in 1976?

13. In which battle did Harold II, the last Saxon king of England, lose his life?

14. In which town in Texas did 70 cult members die in a fire after four federal agents were killed during a confrontation?

15. Which British Prime Minister announced the outbreak of war with Germany in 1939?

16. Who said ?Read my lips ? no new taxes??

17. The Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific are where nine mutineers settled in 1790. On which ship did they mutiny?

18. General Leopoldo Galtieri was president of which South American country in 1981 and 1982?

19. The 50th birthday of which organisation was celebrated on 22 October 1995 in New York City?

20. In which year did South Africa have it?s first all-race elections?

21. What was the last state to join the American Union?

22. Operation Barbarossa was the codename used by the Germans for their plans to invade which country in 1941?

23. Who succeeded Henry VIII?

24. What was the former name of Taiwan?

25. Which Royal House preceded the House of Stuart?

26. Who wrote the communist manifesto with Frederich Engels?

27. What relation was George the Third to George the Second?

28. From which European country did the USA buy Louisiana in 1803?

29. What was the name of the WPC who was shot outside the Libyan embassy in the early 80?s?

30. Which South American country was ruled by Bernardo O?Higgins?


1. Peru

2. Battle Of The Little Bighorn

3. Wars Of The Roses

4. Red Baron

5. 1776

6. Byzantine Empire

7. England And France

8. Virginia

9. Dunkirk

10. James IV

11. The Bank Of England

12. Iceland

13. Hastings

14. Waco

15. Neville Chamberlain

16. George Bush

17. Bounty

18. Argentina

19. United Nations

20. 1994

21. Alaska

22. Russia

23. Edward VI

24. Formosa

25. Tudor

26. Karl Marx

27. Grandson

28. France

29. Yvonne Fletcher

30. Chile


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