War and Battles Quiz 1

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1. Two Japanese cities were attacked by atomic bombs during World War Two. Hiroshima was one; what was the other?

2. During which war were concentration camps first used?

3. Which war is depicted in the film 'Full Metal Jacket'?

4. In which war were the battles of Yorktown and Bunker Hill?

5. At which battle was Lord Nelson killed?

6. Which country was in dispute with Britain in the Cod Wars of the 1970s?

7. Which famous battle was fought on Senlac Hill?

8. Which country was invaded by Germany in June 1941 in 'Operation Barbarossa'?

9. Which country along with France fought with the British against the Russians in the Crimean War?

10. During the Falkland islands war what was the nearest British airfield to the Falklands?

11. Which English King was nicknamed ?The Hammer of the Scots??

12. A meeting took place between Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt during the Second World War to decide the fate of Europe after the fall of Hitler. Where was it held?

13. When Army pay-books were first issued in 1815 a name was filled in to show the soldiers how the book should be signed. This resulted in a nickname being given to British Troops. What was the Christian name that lead to this nickname?

14. Who commanded the Indian forces at the battle of Little big horn?

15. Who was Britain?s second in command at the battle of Copenhagen in 1801?

16. What benefit did the Polish gain from the Polish Corridor which was agreed after the First World War?

17. Which war was brought to an end by the surrender of forces under the command of General Cornwallis?

18. Lollius Urbicus was responsible for building a defensive wall to keep out Scottish tribes, what was it called?

19. In which war was Britain engaged during the years 1899-1902?

20. Name three European nations that remained neutral during World War II?


1. Nagasaki

2. The Boer War

3. The Vietnam War

4. The American War Of Independence

5. Battle Of Trafalgar

6. Iceland

7. The Battle Of Hastings

8. Russia

9. Turkey

10. Ascension Islands

11. Edward I

12. Yalta

13. Tommy Atkins

14. Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse

15. Nelson

16. Access to the Baltic Sea

17. American War of Independence

18. Antonine Wall

19. The Boer war

20. Eire, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland


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