The Wild West Quiz 1

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1. Name any 2 of the 4 brothers of lawman and gunfighter Wyatt Earp?

2. The notorious Judge Roy Bean dispensed justice from a saloon called the Jersey Lily. After which actress was this bar named?

3. In 1953 Doris Day played the title role in a film about a tough women of the early west, who reckoned she could out shoot and out drink any man, What was her name?

4. What would a cowboy do with his chaps?

5. What was the surname of the notorious outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse?

6. Where did General Custer make his ill-fated last stand?

7. Name any 1 of the 2 heroes of the American West who were killed at the Alamo?

8. What was the profession of gunfighter and gambler Doc Holliday?

9. What were Shawnee, Chisholm and Goodnight Loving?

10. What was the unusual nickname of the graveyard outside town where the victims of gunfights were buried?


1. Morgan, Virgil, Jim & Baxter

2. Lily Langtry

3. Calamity Jane

4. Wear them

5. James

6. Battle of Little Big Horn

7. James Bowie & Davie Crocket

8. Dentist

9. Cattle trails

10. Boot Hill


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