Assassinations Quiz 1

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1. In which European city was Archduke Ferdinand assassinated in 1914?

2. In which American city did Mark Chapman assassinate John lennon?

3. Which French revolutionary leader was assassinated by Charlotte Corday?

4. Who was the target of the assassin in ?Day of the jackal??

5. Who played the title role in the film ?The Assassin??

6. In which year were both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinated?

7. Which political leader was assassinated in October 1984 and was succeeded by her son?

8. Theodore Roosevelt became US President in 1901 after which president?s assassination?

9. Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

10. In which country was Lev Bronstien assassinated in July 1940?


1. Sarjevo

2. New York

3. Jean Paul Maret

4. Charles de Gaulle

5. Bridget Fonda

6. 1968

7. Indira Ghandi

8. William McKinley

9. John Wilkes Booth

10. Mexico (Trotsky)


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